Bye Smitty, you'll be missed

I know, I know. Please hold the blogging Pulitzer for that title until the end of the year. My titling originality knows no bounds. But it is appropriate -- I have a bunch of random thoughts that don't really make up full posts on their own, so here they are, all together.

There's been a lot of action on the Avs front but not a lot from Jibble or I. Why? Well, I can't speak for him, but I know I have a distinct feeling there's gonna be more movement. If they're dumping Smyth, there's more appealing targets for trade from a money perspective like Hannan. I'll wait for a more detailed analysis of what the team looks like until they sign a couple more guys and maybe trade another veteran.

After getting over the shock of the trade though, I'm actually not completely against this. We as fans have been screaming for a true rebuild, well, here it is. No more limping along in mediocrity. No more worrying about us somehow getting the youth involved before the aging members of the Avalanche were too old to contribute. Now, we play the youth that's NHL ready in the roles they need to be played, develop the other young guys in their respective leagues, and let things happen at their own pace. Make no mistake, the next few years are going to suck. We're about to find out who the real fans are. But frankly, in 3 years I think we'll look back and say this was the right move.

Don't get me wrong, I still hate the move. Why trade Smyth now, when teams are most concerned about the cap? Why not last deadline? Is this really the best offer we could have gotten? I like Quincey (if he's healthy), and draft picks aren't ever a bad thing, but Preissing is considered one of the worst contracts in the league. If we're taking him and his negative value back, we should have received a better return.

I'm specifically
wanting Colten Teubert (one of the better big defensive defenseman prospects in the league, a huge need for us) or Jonathan Bernier (a very, very good goaltending prospect that's actually expendable due to the emergence of 2 other good goaltending prospects for the Kings). But you can't get that kind of value when you're very clearly being pressured by ownership to cut salary at any cost, right now. Other teams know it, they sense your desperation, and you end up with this crap of a trade. Thanks Stan, you can go back to watching the Thuggets lose to the Lakers in the WCF for the next 3 years.

I'm still surprised Svatos hasn't been moved yet. There's a lot of teams wanting cheap 2nd line wingers, and we have a major logjam at right wing that trading him would clear up. We must actually be getting good offers for Svatos, that must be why we're not pulling the trigger. (/sarcasm)

Who's next to be traded? Hannan is an obvious target, but I can't see him getting great return, though anything is possible. But if I was a betting man, I could see Liles being shipped out pretty soon, and that makes me kind of sad. He's come a long ways defensively, he's a solid offensive performer, and he's signed to a pretty good deal, considering what offensive defensemen usually go for. But 4.2m per year is a lot, and we have a huge glut of offensive defensemen in the pipeline, not to mention the 2 PP specialist defenders we just picked up.

Liles to Boston makes a lot of sense from all angles -- we know they want an offensive defensemen from all of the Kaberle talk with Toronto, and they have the spare top 6ers we need badly. I'd love to somehow wrangle Kessel or Bergeron out of them for Liles+, but a more realistic return might be LW Marco Sturm, if he would waive his NTC.

Finally, I just want to remind everyone that Jibble and I are still attending development camp this week, on Friday the 10th. It's at Family Sports Center in south Denver at 9am. Please email me or let me know in the comments if you're planning on attending. Make sure you wear pants and a sweatshirt, that place is frigging cold. So far I know SlamDunk is planning on attending that day too...who am I missing?

I don't know when Jibble will be showing up, but myself and my family member that will be attending will probably be fashionably late, around 9:30am. I'm the skinny guy with brown hair, a goatee, and a grey Avs hoodie on. If there's enough demand, maybe I'll even post a picture!

Stay tuned later this week for my grades intro post...