Many people can call me a homer, and they'd be absolutely right, but one thing I'm not is a hypocrite. If you haven't heard yet Wilson's hit on Ethan Moreau is going to be looked at by the league. I've tirelessly argued for suspension for guys who launch themselves into other players and in this case Wilson did launch himself into Moreau, and deserves a suspension. If you haven't seen, or don't remember, the hit here it is:

He's going to get one for all the wrong reasons, and here's why he'll get one:

a) Moreau is one of EDM's best players, Wilson isn't one of Colorado's.
b) Moreau was injured on the play with a concussion.

So when the NHL suspends him Avs fans can be (justifiably) angry at the NHL because of the double standard that's more than obvious in these cases. This hit is clearly less malicious and dangerous (and less illegal) than the Paneuf on Okposo preseason hit.

That being said, the hit is still dangerous and part of a problem in the game. Wilson was jumping into Moreau (even if his feet were on the ice at the moment of the hit). He was using his legs to drive upwards into Moreau, and that's dangerous (and in my opinion charging). Yes Moreau's head was down, but that doesn't give Wilson (or any hitter) Carte Blanche to hit in a careless manner.

Now I don't think Wilson was trying to hurt Moreau, just land a big hit. I don't view these hits as dirty, but more as careless. The reason they are occurring so often is because they are accepted in hockey, and that's the biggest problem. Wilson has learned to hit like this since he was a tyke, and he could have easily achieved the same result (from a play perspective) by driving his legs forward and putting his shoulder into Moreau's chest, yet he used his legs as a springboard (a small one compared to other hits I've analyzed in the past.) and that, to me, is the error in this and many other hits.