So i come in from running errands today, and turn the TV on and it is on hockey. I don't immediately recognize the teams, but i hear a familiar voice.... no it can't be... is it really him... IT IS HIM. Yes it was Gary Thorne who, in my opinion, is THE premier TV hockey guy in the country. I was on the College national title game.

Gary Thorne has called almost every major hockey game in my 12-year development as a Hockey fan. He called all the Red Wings-Avs rivalries, the Stanley Cup playoffs. And all the great games I can remember.

He is the best. Exciting, knowledgable, impartial, and he injects energy into the game without missing anything. Now... he's stuck in ESPN purgatory doing the 3 hockey games a yeah that they air, and a bunch of baseball games. While he's good at baseball, it's just too slow a sport to take advantage of his talent for excitment and non-stop action at the same time. He's the only announcer, in any sport, that will make me stop and watch.

Like today I was all set to turn on the monumental Montreal-Toronto game and decided to keep it here,MSU-BC, just because I miss Thorne's voice. I miss him, hockey misses him, and he just needs to be on NBC for the playoffs at least.