Some random stuff to take us from through the day.

I wanted to add a link to a wonderful story on Chris Drury on SI.com. It's long (10 pages yikes) but well written and worth reading.

VS has it's critics, but a nice job in giving bonus coverage of the TSN feed of Buffalo-NY Islanders game. I got to see most of the 3rd period of that game. after Detroit pummeled Calgary.

No suspension for the Preds player who knee'd Cheechoo (one of the NHL's more talented players). Bettmen & crew just don't get it sometimes. More on this soon.

Hockey the main feature on ESPN.com? I must not really be awake yet.

Day 2 was a letdown from day 1, unless you're a Rangers fan.

And finally: Standings from the Jibblescribbits Playoff Challenge after Game 1.

1. Kelvin 25.00
2. Mike 25.00
3. Alanah 23.00
4. Me 23.00
5. Shane 23.00
6. Faux Rumors 18.00
7. RJ 18.00