So many of you remember that I am hosting a playoff competition. Fellow bloggers, Alanah (Canucks and Beyond), Shane (avs Talk) and Faux Rumors are in the competition, as well as some other readers of the blogs. Here's the standings so far:

1. Kelvin- 131.00
2. Alanah- 122.00
3. Shane- 120.00
4. Mike- 116.00
5. Jibblescribbits.- 112.00
6. Faux Rumors- 102.00
7. RJ- 90.00

So the good news for Avs fans, in these standings, is that there's a fan who is inbetween the "most neurotic Canucks Fan alive" (Alanah) and 1st place. The bad news is that Kelvin found this competition via Canucks and Beyond, so the Canucks have the top 2 spots in the pool. The good news is that Shane is hot on their tales, followed by Mike (an Avs fan) and me.