To be honest, I'm suprised he hasn't hired Melrose as coach, and Engbloom as play-by-play guy

As I write this TSN has a banner confirming Ryan Smith signing a 5-year $31.25M dollar contract to play with the Avalanche. This and Hannan's signing earlier in the day means a few things...

The Avs are back baby. Yes they are a force to be reckin with. I can see the Hejduk-Statsny-Smyth line now.. and good god it's beautiful. Because of the amounts of these contracts, I don't think the Avs should go after a second tier wing, like a Zubris, because they should focus on having a little flexibility at the trade deadline and also next season.

Ummm... not to toot my own horn or anything, but I (imagine Jon Stewart when he does his high-pitch voice) ... NAILED IT!!!

While details aren't in, it appears that the deal might be front-heavy with the first year being up to $8M and the last year worth only about $4.5M (again from a rumor site.. not Eklund). Needless to say I am absolutly ecstatic right now. They got the two free agents I wanted the most, and they seemed to get them for cheaper than all the experts predicted. Hanna was supposed to go for $5M+ and Smyth ~$6.5 and the Avs got them for $4.5M and an average of $6.25. Not huge disconts, but nothing more than expected either.

Of course Jibblewife's response to hearing we got Smyth: Awwww (frowns)

"Sweets this is a good thing"

"I wanted Drury"

Smyth... you have some expectations to live up to my friend.