NOTES: to those of you coming from the Big Lead (via Deadspin or not), NHL fanhouse, or Offwing, Dater's full post is available here. Unfortunately his follow-up blog post was lost, but has responded to Jibblescribbits' friend Dear Lord Stanley as well

My personal thoughts on all of this are available as well.

Normally I'm not a fan of Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post. Sometimes I think he has trouble finding a topic to write about so he uses "The Shaugnessy Trick" of digging up dirt where it doesn't really have any and being overly negative.

Every once in a while he writes a gem, and this tribute to Sakic is one of them

Oh and our favorite beat reporter, and friend of our friend Dear Lord Stanley, lets loose on the 4-letter

Here's a little clip:
And here’s my answer to my still respected friend, that I should have said right away: hell yes, I’m glad I’m not some ESPN stooge, who might make more money than me, but spends his/her entire day preening around the athletic arena, microphone in hand, makeup case in hand, hair spray in hand, ready to ask an inane, suckup, kiss-butt question to a player that, at the end of the day, at the end of this life, at the end of this universe, HAS ABSOLUTELY NO RESONATING IMPACT ON THE MEMORIES OF ITS VIEWING AUDIENCE, AND ABSOLUTELY NO LASTING IMPACT ON ANYTHING REMOTELY ASSOCIATED WITH THE ART CALLED “JOURNALISM” WHICH YOU FALSELY ATTACH YOURSELVES TO.”

So if you don't hear from Adrian Dater for a while, well I think we all know what happened to him.... oh and Amen Mr. Dater, Amen.

UPDATE: Check out Dear Lord Stanley's take on the smackdown

UPDATE: The Big Lead has gotten a hold of this story too. Thanks for the link

Another UPDATE: Dater has a follow up blog post about this morning rant, and clarifies his comments (not an apology)

ONE MORE UPDATE: This has gone from entertaining to weird. Both of Dater's posts have been taken down by Denverpost.com.