For all those who think hockey games need to be 6-5 to be exciting.. ha!. There have been exactly 6 goals scored in the last two games, and they have been wonderfully entertaining.

Going into this series the purveying thought was that Ray Emery was the weak link that would keep the Senators from winning. Multiple experts agreed that the teams were even but that Giguere is that much better than Emery, so the Ducks would prevail. I think Emery has earned the right to tell them to put a sock in it.

He has been spectacular. Last night he was the only reason the game wasn't 3-0 or so. Giguere made 5 saves on the 5-vs-3 and then pretty much was allowed to take the night off. Emery has emerged as a force dfor this Senators team, and if they had been able to sneak one in last night he may have stole them a game. He needs to in order for the Sens to come back.

That being said, I think the Sens are going down. They look outmatched. Pahlsson looks like the Selke is going to be his for the next 5-10 years. He has been fantastic. Maybe having the last change is going to help Murray get the ASH (Alfie, Spezza, Heatly) line away from Pahlson, Niedermeyer x2, Pronger and Perry but the Ducks look like they are well on their way to giving the Stanley Cup a nice tan.

I think the most telling sign is that the Senators came out, and had some good (REALLY GOOD) chances against Giguere last night, and when he was able to stone them with some fantastic saves well that was the end for them. the wind was taken out of their sails and they looked cooked. You never know until both teams get a home game, but the Sens look done.

That being said I am impressed with Ottawa's Defense. Redden, Volchenkov and company have done a pretty good job. They can still salvage the series, but the need to dump-and-chase more. Anaheim is just punching them in the mouth and taking their lunch money in the neutral zone.