I recently ripped Scott Burnside for glossing over any legitimate points on the feasibility of putting franchises in Europe.

In all fairness I should rip Al Strachan of Fox Sports. In his latest article he pretty much glosses over all the counterpoints to my position:
Assuming interest continues to grow, some time down the road, an entire conference will start its season in Europe.

There's no doubt that NHL franchises in Europe would strengthen the league. The interest is already there and fans would love to turn out to see their national heroes. Granted, there are problems, but most of them could be overcome.

I know people are daydreaming a little, but the devil is in the details, and if you're going to make a case for, or against, teams in Europe these things need to be talked about. Granted he did go over the problems with playoffs so he didn't gloss over everything. But in the list of obstacles to overcome playoff travel is probably #20 on the list. (Especially because a 2-3-2 series format could be used to solve it. Not ideal, but reasonable and plausible).

For a good analysis on the problems with permanently locating teams in Europe, see Faux Rumors latest blog post