After talking with colleagues and people around the office, I decided it's finally time that I should come clean with my identity. After talking a giant shot at a writer at "The Province" yesterday I think if I am going to write stuff like that people should have the courtesy of being able to face their critic/accuser. I do not feel anyone else needs to reveal themselves, but like The Big Lead and FJM the time has come for me to reveal who I am...

That's right I am Adrian Dater... Just Kidding. I do work for a major newspaper though, which is part of the reason I stayed anonymous so long. My opinions are just that, my opinions and I didn't want them reflecting poorly on my paper. I cover sport (mostly high school football) but on occasion I am asked to fill in for David Pollack when he's sick or in a crunch covering the Sharks at the SJ Mercury News.

I recently talked to my editors about the ramifications of making my identity known and they said as long as I have a disclaimer on there I should be fine. As you know they are traditional newsmen so they aren't big on blogging but they understand it's a new thing and that I'm from Denver and the Avs are a huge hobby of mine. As long as I am not asked to cover Avs-Sharks games it's not a problem. Considering I have covered 2 Sharks games in 2 years, I don't see this as a problem.

So without further adieu I will finally unmask myself (drumroll please) My name is Dennis Knight, I am from Colorado and I cover high school sports for the San Jose Mercury News.