So in essence the Avs got:

  • World class offensive player (albeit an oft-injured one) {Forsberg}
  • World Class defender, still playing great defense (according to Mirtle) {Foote}
  • A defender who has as many points as any of our other defenders (23-Liles) {23 Salei}
  • AND we get to give away Skrastins (and more importantly his terrible $2.4M contract next season)
  • 2 players that will fill the building

And all we give up in return is (yes giving away Skrastin's is a net positive):
  • 1 First round pick
  • 1 3rd round pick
  • 1 (possible) 4th rounder. I've been in important meetings all day, and have missed specifics
More on this later, but that's a pretty good haul.