Here I was sitting at my computer trying to think of something to write today. I could bitch, again, about the Avs off season signings. I could take the day off. I could actually do some work (/pause for laughter)...

But really I didn't have anything. Until This.

Now I have something. If anything can describe the Western Conference contenders this summer it was the arms race that had built since July 1. I mean you have the terrible twins of jackassery residing in Anaheim, Burke and Pronger (and their sidekick May). Then the Avs signed the Swedish Goldmember Ledin and added that Baron of Bastardy Darcy Tucker.

Ottawa foiled some Western Conference teams plan to upgrade their antagonism by signing Jarko Ruutu. Still Detroit did their best to upgrade here as well by actually turning Marion Hossa into Ho$$a. By then the Western Conference had added Ledin, Tucker, and Hossa to the already impressive nincompoop lineup of the names mentioned above and also McLeod, Tootoo, Carcillo and a whole bunch of others. Not to be outdone the Dallas Stars went out and dropped what they thought was the equivalent of the Hiroshima bomb of malevolence on the Western Conference by signing none other than Sean Avery.

In all this the moves by Calgary seemed to be overlooked. In fact they got rid of Goddard, which meant that that Duke of Douche, Phanaeuf, would be working only with Sarich.

But the news linked to above means that the Flames have stolen Dallas' thunder by signing the "Fat Man" to Dallas' new "Little Boy" of Ass-holiness. Isn't there some sort of dumbass salary-cap instituted by the league with Calgary now far exceeding it. Now Calgary employs what can only be called the Dynamic Duo of Douchebags, with Bertuzzi playing Saruman to the Duke of Douche's Sauron may just earn Calgary the title of most reviled team in the NHL. Way to go Calgary.