Oh, Ruslan Salei I tried to warn you. When you were in Florida, did you go swimming in the everglades? Did you stand outside during a hurricane? Did you even attend a Miami Hurricanes football game? No? Why? because you recognized the inherent danger involved in those things. See then you got traded to Colorado and everything changed. There's a new set of dangers here. Don't stand on top of a hill with a golf club during one of Colorado's famed afternoon thunderstorms. Don't go to the back-country after particularly bad snow storms, and never get into a land war in Asia (which is universal). The number one rule of Colorado is don't ever get into a fight when Jordan Leoprone is your defensive partner.

I know it was inevitable, because you were cursed as soon as you put on the burgundy sweater unipron. But no you had to go and tempt fate by actually fighting notorious pest Steve Ott. Listen sticking up for Jordan Leoprone is a noble thing. Any other day, I'd love it, but things are different when your last name starts with "S" and you are in a defensive pairing with Leoprone. Now look at you headed home to be evaluated. And the worry is that you may have a possible orbital bone fracture. We all hope that this was just a warning shot, that the injury gods are hopefully just warning you with a shot across your nose. Since you've only been an Avs for a few games maybe they have given you a break...errr.... mercy. The message is clear though Ruslan-Don't do anything to hurt yourself, because you will