I don't know if anyone around these parts caught the thrilling Pens-Wings game last night, but if you didn't you missed out. Puck Daddy's very own Sancho Panza, Sean Leahy, has a full recap of the big game.

Everyone should be in awe of Jordan Staal, and thankful for his performance last night. Sure a third period hat trick to bring the Pens back from a 5-2 deficit is impressive, but I was more impressed with the way Staal single handedly kept that game from going to a shoot-out, by stripping Pavel Datsyuk and then feeding Ruslan Fedetenko for the game winning OT goal.

Had Staal not ended the game last night, we would have been in for the most disappointing climax since my prom. The shootout. Just thinking of that game ending in a shootout should give everyone the shivers, and then everyone should demand the NHL revise OT to 10 minutes of 4-vs-4 to make the shoot-out a rare occurrence. In fact we should all go a step further and demand that the NHL take out the shootout and bring back the tie. Sure a theoretical tie would have been disappointing, but at least it would give the feel as two evenly matched warriors regrouping for their next inevitable clash. A shootout would have been Achilles and Hector deciding who was the better warrior with an archery contest.

Just more evidence that I'm right in the eternal struggle against those heathens that actually think the shootout is a good idea. Luckily I'm here to battle against them.