Addendum Answer: No
Yes, I went both ways on Theo. But no, the Caps didn't tamper with him.

Adrian Dater, everyone's favorite maniacal, bipolar fiery & zealous beat reporter had a follow up post to his off-the-cuff tirade against Avs management yesterday. In his followup he mentions something that caught me as strange:
I just believe what I believe: that Theodore was worth keeping. And it was humorous reading from at least one Peter Budaj apologist that Theodore’s salary “demands” were “exhorbitant” this summer. Really? The fact that he would have signed for a 25-percent pay cut from what he made the year before - and just wanted the Avs to match the other offer that was already on the table from another team? That’s exhorbitant? A guy who was one of the top three goalies in the league in the second half, and stole a playoff round, with a Hart Trophy already in his closet?
(Ed note: the emphasis is mine, the misspelling of "exorbitant" is both the commenter he quoted and his) If I remember correctly the Avs and Theo broke off contract negotiations well before July 1. Wait a second I do remember correctly. Dater reported, on June 26th, That Theo was determined to test the free agent market. Later the same day he said this:
But, let’s face it: If the Avs made anywhere near a fair, market-value offer to retain his services, but Theodore turned it down thinking he could get a little more from someone else, then my attitude if I was Francois Giguere would be: don’t let the door hit your padded backside on the way out, Jose.
Theo ended up signing for a mere $0.5 $1M more than the Avs offered. I don't exactly know the leagues tampering rules (and unbelievably I wasn't able to find them in the Free Agency section of the official NHL collective bargaining agreement, which is bizarre in and of itself.) but If i understand correctly, in order for Theo to get an offer from someone else the Avs would have had to grant another team permission to talk to Theo, until July 1st (the first day of Free Agency.)

Since the avs were trying to re-sign Theo, I doubt they would have let the Caps talk to Theo. So that means Dater's reports/stories either contradict each other and he doesn't remember the sequence of events correctly (which is the most likely scenario) or the Capitals are guilty of tampering with the Jose Theodore contract negotiations. If Theo had a better offer on the table it certainly would have affected his decision to not rejoin the Avs.

Personally I think Dater's memory is revising itself because he is, by his own admission, panicking about the goaltending of the Avs. (The fact that he's waxing poetic about Theo now, when he ripped him a new one in July, seems to support the idea he's just got a bit of revisionist history going on.) But Dater does have inside knowledge on some of this stuff, and it's possible he knows the Caps did have an offer ready for Theo, which would be tampering.