Ok there has been something that the Master Beat reporter, or Master Beater for short, Adrian Dater keeps writing in his blog posts all season and it has annoyed me all season. He did it again in his Columbus-Avs post game blog and I just can't sit idly by and let him besmirch something I feel so strongly about. Enough is finally enough and It's about time I let him know about it. So Dater, enough is enough:

The Colorado Avalanche do not have Royal Blue in their color scheme! (what You thought I was going to talk about goalies or something?)

Seriously it's driving me crazy. The Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks, New York Rangers, and Tampa Lightning all have vast amounts of Royal blue in their jerseys. The Avs don't have any. Here'look at the picture below of Milan Hejduk against the Vancouver Canucks:
See the blue on Hejduk's sleeve and how it doesn't match the Blue on the Canucks jersey. Now I'm not a man who just goes out with an opinion with no facts to back it up. So here's what I did. I took color samples from 10 different Avs photos from various Hockey websites and looked at their Red-Green-Blue content in Photoshop. I took the color samples from The Avs official site (in 2 or three different areas), a picture from the Denver Post photo gallery, One from Yahoo! sports, one from TSN, one from NHL.com and one from the Rocky Mountain News. After taking them and averaging them together the color profile of the Avs' blue is

R- 20
G- 70
B- 124

I also took swatches of Royal blue form: A google search of "Royal Blue" the Rangers, Canucks, Lightning, and Maple Leafs. The average color profiles from those swatches are:

R- 11
G- 38
B- 117

This may seem like a small amount, but here's those two colors when put in photoshop:

Avs Blue: 20-74-124

Royal Blue: 11-38-117

See, there's a difference. I don't know what to call the Avs Blue, the closest I could find was a paint swatch by Sherman-Williams called "Dignity Blue" (30-70-116) but that just sounds stupid, so i refuse to call it that.

In the comments you can leave your suggestions, and I'll run a poll or something to decide what we should call the Avs' blue. One thing is certain, it ain't Royal Blue