Edit: I had some spelling errors (because I'm an awful speller) and I forgot to run spell check at 1am when I wrote this. Commenter Grammar Troll helpfully pointed them out. Well except he missed that I had misspelled "month" and put "moth". Egg all over my face. They have been fixed now, and will no longer reign terror onto any more unsuspecting innocent eyes.


Welcome Amigos to my new home over here at Bloguin. Yes it's true, after nearly 3 years at Blogspot, I decided to jump ship over here to Bloguin, and I'm pretty excited about it. I think it's going to be a good switch. In honor of the move I'm going to interview myself in an exercise in narcissism even Sean Avery would blush at.


So, Jibbles, why did you decide to change to Bloguin?

Well the biggest reason is that Bloguin takes care of all the work, and I can worry about focusing on the content of the blog. At Blogspot I never felt like I had it quite right, and that there was always something more to do on the layout, or the pictures. Even now you can see the images in the top corner of the old site are gone, because some imaging service account expired because I didn't use it enough.

I don't have to worry about it here.

Even more importantly, I like to blog about the Avalanche and hockey because writing my thoughts out into coherent thoughts allows me to analyze them and really sharpen the logic and the rational behind any opinion I might have. Even if it's something inherently silly like a jersey buying guide, writing the thoughts out for an audience really makes me work on my arguments and really sharpen my logic. I like that.

The one thing missing at blogspot is interaction with readers. I've tried multiple times at finding a comments section that was user friendly. Alas the hassle with blogspot comments became overpowering, and moving to wordpress was too daunting. Like I said above I wanted to focus on writing, and Bloguin allows me to do that.

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Yeah, but Ads? Did you sell out?

Unequivocally. In fact I tried to even re-name the blog "Play" but Bloguin was worried the Moby might have that copyrighted.

No but seriously, what about the Ads?

Honestly the Ads are a small price to pay for the convenience. However one of my own tenants of staying anonymous was that I not make money on this. I'm not even sure if I get paid or not (See Moby would never allow that), but If I do get a check (and I'm not sure on that again, I never asked), I will donate anything I get to charity.

So, why Bloguin?

Well honestly, even though I had been to PensBlog multiple times, I guess I never realized that they were being hosted by a sports blog aggregate. In fact I found them when I stumbled upon The 6th Sens . I looked at some other aggregates, but I think Bloguin had far and away the best interface, and the sports blogs here are pretty good. I then exchanged e-mails with Kevin Schultz of Barry Melrose Rocks, who had nothing but good things to say.

So you moved here for the comments. How in the hell do I comment?

Well I think you can just type in you name and whatnot, or you can just register and comment here and the other Bloguin blogs.To be honest, I'm kinda new here too, so...

Well what else can we expect?

Nothing should change content-wise. I'm still planning on banging out 2-3 posts/week. I still plan on writing the same style stuff as I always have, but now I can focus solely on the content, which is better for everyone.

One thing that might change temporarily is that there will be a bit of a lag for reply comments for a little while. The site is blocked at work and the Bloguin blogs have been taking a month or so to become unblocked once going live.


Well there you go. Kick off your boots and make yourself at home.

Special thanks to the staff here at Bloguin, especially Stephen Slesinski, the artist who created the new banner. And Derek Hanson at Bloguin who helped me get all set-up.  Here we go.