For those who don't know, Puck Daddy over at Yahoo has a running feature called "5 reasons I love hockey". Well a while back Sean Leahy asked me to write up my five reasons, and today they were published over at Puck Daddy. Check them out.


When you do, check back here, because I have something I wanted to add after the jump.

More After the Jump

First of all, I'm glad to see you've made it here. If you've successfully followed the link above, and then clicked on the body of this post you have followed a set of 2-step instructions. Which means you've passed my ultimate test of keeping the average commenter at Puck Daddy away.

My favorite part of this endevor was the throwaway comment PD had at the end:

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I like to think the was giving me a hard time for not writing as much, since I have one post in August. (2... this counts!)

I also wanted to expand on what I wrote over there:

Hockey sweaters: One thing I wish I had wrote about how much I love hockey sweaters is that they are the best uniforms in sports... and also the worst. I mean there's nothing quite so garrish as a monumentally bad sweater, and yet in it's ugliness it exudes a certain amount of charm, like an ugly baby. I mean look at this thing:

or this

Don't get me wrong, they are hideous, but in such a charming way that I can't help but smile when I see their pictures. And even referee's get into it.

Preposterous. And beautiful. I mean there's something awesome to be said about a sport where the greatest player in it's history was once seen, in actual competition, wearing this:


I caught a lot of flack for taking a few completely warranted pot-shots on the Red Wings fan base. And by a lot I mean one or two guys had their panties in a bunch. The point I was making is that hockey fans can dish it out and take it and aren't whiny bitches like in a lot of other sports. College football fans think they are the king of this but if you go after their school they turn into a drama queen faster than an SEC fan can cypher gasoline. Hockey fans, for the most part, are a much more mature bunch, and realize that the key to a good rivalry is being able to take it and then dish it out. Sure there's plenty of hockey fans who can't and get all upset, but I think a higher proportion of them can take a joke.

Except Wings fans, they are a bunch of whiny girls.