So I said I'd get around to doing a Top 10 of '09-10 and here it is, more than three months after the season ended for the Avs. I'll be counting down all 10 of the top 10 Avs moments of the season. I thought about breaking this into 2 posts, but then realized I could easily milk it for 10. Without further adieu, here we go:

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Confession time: I did not throw my hat when Stewart had his hat trick that night. You see with my seats, and my puny arm, my cranial cover was never going to make it anywhere near the ice. Had I miraculously made it over the glass, well I was behind the netting. I was also an idiot and wore my good new hat to the game that night, instead of my old throw able one. I have been to dozens of hockey games and I had never seen an Av end up with a hat trick (and I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone do it live). In fact I couldn't even remember the last time an Av did it. So you'll forgive me if I didn't go to the rink thinking that I might be losing my hat that night.

It had been exactly 200 games since a member of the Colorado Avalanche had scored three goals in one single game, which was the longest active streak in the NHL. (In your face, Anaheim, Edmonton or Atlanta, not sure which one has a longer drought, but they are the only three who didn't score one last season.) In a game in early March, Chris Stewart finally got one against the St. Louis Blues. A team he had mild success against this season. And by mild success, I mean, St. Louis is his bitch.

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The game started badly enough with David Perron opening the scoring at 8:35 in the first period. Blues fans must have felt pretty good about the game, for the next 11 seconds. Then Milan Hejduk scored, and Blues fans probably had a sinking feeling. 1:12 seconds later, Stewart opened up the can of whoop-ass.

That goal prompted this comment from "dablues7" over at St. Louis Gametime:

But, as I've alluded to, Stewart wasn't done. In fact he decided to go ahead and get that second goal out of the way early in the second:


That prompted this comment from "average joe"

chris stewart is a mother fucker. holy shit.

I hate to wallow in Blues' fans misery. I like Blues fans, they are foul-mouthed Red Wings haters. That's something I can build a relationship on. It's just that Stewart absolutely owned the Blues last season, to the point where he may as well have climbed the Arch in nothing but a Cubs jersey, and pissed into a Budweiser and shit in the Mississippi. Had he done that he still may not have been as hated. So of course he got a penalty shot for the hat trick:

So, yeah it was a great night for the Avs, and of course Stewart. Oh, yeah Hejduk had a pretty good night too with two goals on six shots on goal.