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Sometimes, this game is so damn predictable that it fucking hurts. Of course Wolski was going to score tonight, and everyone knew it was going to happen. Why did everyone know it was going to happen, because former Avs always score against the Avs. Well not always, sometimes they are failed backup goalies that have their game of the year and end up with a shutout, like Andrew Raycroft.
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So I knew this was coming.  Don't believe me:
@zyllyx (Coyotes Fan) Avs fans are nervously anticipating the inevitable Wolski goal tonight.
That was a tweet, by me, at about 8:30 the morning of the game. And here's my tweet exactly 7 minutes after Dater announced the trade yesterday:
If you know a bookie place a bet that Wolski scores against the Avs Thursday night. It's gonna happen.
10:47 AM Mar 3rd via web

I should have actually placed that bet. The worst part is that no Avs fan thinks I'm some kind of sage or prophet or anything, because ALL of us knew it was coming. And just to make sure all former Avs don't feel left out, Radim Vrbata scored an empty netter just as time expired

Vrbata now has 8 goals and 11 points in 12 games since 2006 against the Avs (earliest Hockey reference goes back). That's a .917PPG against the Avs. His career PPG is .534

Let's take a look at some other former Avs (since 2006, since that's the earliest Hockey-reference.com goes back):

Hell here's the list of players of former Avs who have played more than 1GA and haven't been very good against the Avs: Martin Skoula, and Derrek Morris. This is obviously not a complete list, but it's a pretty thorough one as far as I'm concerned.

So yes, it's pretty much a nightmare whenever a former Av plays the Avs. Tonight Wolski just added himself to a long, and very distinguished, list of former Avs kicking our ass. What a nightmare