As I start writing this we're at the 1st intermission of the Calgary-Colorado game and, like any good Avs fan, I'm thinking about our defense, and other thoughts during the game.


* Holøs is incredibly poised with the puck, for a rookie. I'm pretty sure playing for the Swedish Elite league and Norway in the Olympics is was pretty good preparation for the pressure of the NHL. I think he's going to be one tof the Avs smartest players. (As soon as I say that he takes a dumb interference penalty to negate an Avs powerplay.)

*Cohen with the best outlet pass of the season of any Avs defenseman, after a nice play to take the puck away.

* If/When the Avs ever get healthy they will have: Hannan, Quincey, Liles, Foote, Wilson, Cumiskey, Holøs, Shattenkirk, Cohen, and Liffiton. It's been only a couple games, but I'm not sure we'll see too much of Wilson and Cumiskey in an Avs sweater anymore.

*If Duchene has a weakness, it's his backhanded passing. I've seen three backhanded passes tonight that got intercepted that shouldn't have.

* I was just thinking "That Van Der Gulik guy has been pretty decent" Of course he gets hurt.

* McLeod needs to learn when to walk away, and know when to run. Staying and jawing instead of turing the other cheek cost the Avs some delayed penalty time there.


* A scuffle at the end of the period. On ice for the Avs: Stastny-Liles-Cohen-Duchene. Not exactly a bunch of enforcers out there.

* I think I found the Avs injury bug:

* Porter looked awful in the first half of the game, and looks good now.

*Duchene looked great early, but too many poor passes have turned this into a bad one. I think he forces passes way too much. He needs to learn to take what the defense gives him, and be patient.

*I praise Holøs and he has a pretty bad game (assist notwithstanding). I've seen at least 3 rookie mistakes.

* Avs outplayed Calgary, but Kipper keeps it close early and Avs run out of gas late.