Now that we know how long Budaj will be the #1 for a little while. Can we please, please, please not analyze every single Goal Against like we're trying to break a secret Nazi military code.

I realize Budaj's the most polarizing Av on the roster these days. Sometimes NHL goalies give up stoppable goals. Sometimes NHL goalies give up completely normal goals. Not every single goal is an indictment of Budaj's abilities, and conversely not every single save is indicative of the next one.

There's no goalie help coming until Andy comes back anyway, so defending/blaming every single goal against is a giant fucking waste of time. It got really old after about 2 weeks in '08-'09 and one of my favorite parts of getting Andy was the end of this ridiculous practice that we all participated in. I just don't want to get into Zapruder film level analysis of every single goal.


Oh, and



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