1st Goal against: 

Duchene really screwed up on the 1st goal. Centers need to be responsible and Duchene let his guy come right down the slot, which created the 2v1. Stoa didn't hep at all, but Duchene still has a long ways to go in being responsible defensively. He can't cheat that much.

Cumisky just awful on the 2nd goal. I mean one of the worst individual plays of the season. Tries to check Wild player and bounces off. I think the guy may thought Cumisky was a mosquito. Then he whiffs on blocking a pass, when he should have been trying to tie up Brunette. Then tries to check Brunette and it doesn't even phase him. Cumisky is "the Mosquito". Brunette is quite good at going out in front of the net, if people hadn't noticed.

Avs goal: Avs finally the beneficiary of bad D. Wild guy takes the shooter on the 2v1. Porter makes the pass. Goal.

3rd GA: Brunette takes "inside position" on Hunwick (who didn't play defense at all... except for this GA). Brunette then spins with the puck and gets a shot on Andy before Hunwick even touches him, Wilson fails to get physical with Brunetter in front of the net (If you're counting that's 2 Avs defensemen in front of the net with Brunette and not one have hit him) and he puts in the rebound. The Good: Galiardi had the backside guy like he should, which frees up his defensemen to defend. The Bad: Wilson and Hunwick were the two guys Gali freed up to do absolutly nothing. Wilson in fact backs off Brunette to take the guy Gali was marking

2nd Avs goal. Beuty of a pass by the defenseman off the boards, and nice stickwork by Stewie to get the puck to Hejduk. Good play by those guys

4th GA: Andy doesn't trust his defense and makes a mistake in playing the puck. It also takes a bad bounce off the boards right to a Wild who slaps on at Andy, who makes a pad save. Avs defenders (Foote and Cumisky) do nothing to help Andy recover from his puck-playing mistake and let Bouchard have the rebound all alone in the slot.

Watching those highlights was just brutal in the poor defending.