Avs top goalie Prospect Calvin Pickard on the Thunderbirds.  He shares a name with both Cpt Pickard and Calvin From Calvin and Hobbes, so he's my fav. Avs prospect. 

- Little Girls choir singing the national Anthem. And there's a Stars fan in attendance. Buddy, when the Stars aren't playing, yelling "S"  makes you sound like a Vagina Scrubber.

- 2:00 Seattle with a turnover that leads to a close range shot that Pickard saves and covers. Excellent, practice for Matt Hunwick's defense.

- How come a WHL team can get mountains on their unis (Everett) but the Avs can't get angles piping on theirs

- Seattle has a guy named Button on their team. He'll be eligible for Mites soon.

- FYI: That's the kind of scouting report those guys over at @TheGoalieGuild routinely gloss over

- Washington must not have child labor laws, since those road construction workers looked like 12. No one else wears that shade of yellow

- Everett has a guy who's 6-1 185lbs named Cumiskey who looks 15. Are we sure Kyle isn't moonlighting?

- 18:00 Seattle scores on the Powerplay, rebound goal

- How come WHL teams can use green nicely in their team colors, but there's a dearth of it in the NHL?

- 19:00 Seattle goal, 2-0. Beautiful rebound goal. J/k, I couldn't see it because the camera man was focusing on a random piece of ice.

- Correction, it was a 5-hole through a screen. I told you I couldn't see it. But that ice near the face-off dot was pristine!

2nd period

- 5:35 Button just can't score on this PP. Probably because he doesn't have anyone to thread the pass. HEYO!

-Seattle goes up 3-0, then a Miguel Olivio-style fight: lots of swings and misses.

Period #2 in the books. I am tired and fading.

3rd period

-I'm almost out after a long week.

- Pickard with a nice, aggressive save. I'm liking him more and more. Challenges the shooter and makes them beat him.

- Silvertips Forward and Wings prospect finally beat Pickard. Wonder if the Avs regret not getting him and getting O'Reilly instead? (A: No)  That said, nice shot by Ferraro. Pickard with no chance.

- This is Clayton Cumiskey of the Everett Silvertips. He has to be Kyle's older brother:

- Dear Everett Silvertips: You are in AMERICA. It's CetER, not Centre.

- Everett with the same problem as Tiger Woods: Can't stay out of the box. (Tiger Woods  jokes are still funny right?)

- Pickard looks extremely solid tonight. I'm officially excited.

Game set match. Avs Prospect (Pickard) beats Wings prospect (Ferraro).