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The Defensive pairs were just awful on the PK

1st goal: Hunwick leaves his man, rebound comes straight to the guy and he puts it in the open net. Had Hunwick been marking properly, he could have tied up the stick. Guy was all alone in front of the net... (see the trend if you can)

2nd goal: at least this time the Avs left the guy all alone near the face-off circle. Of course he has all day to set up and fire a wrist shot wherever he wanted to put it. Most NHLers can pick their spots if given that much time. Hunwick was the guy ion the box, on an unecessary penalty.

3rd gaol: The worst of the 3. Foote leaves the front of the net, as Wilson got tied up behind it. Wilson then doesn't do the best job getting back in front and Collinton has, wait for it, <em>All day</em> to pick his spot from 5 feet in front of the net.

Just abhorrent PKing on the Avs part.

Other than that the Avs are fine. I'd be interested to see what the Avs goalies Save% is at ES, and on the PK. I suspect the disparity is greater than usual.

Update: Anderson and Budaj, both with .917 Save % ES. Shorthanded: Andy-.789 Budaj-.875. To me this suggests the defense is atrocious on the PK. For Comparison: Howard ES-.918, SH-.857.