Everyone else has a mock draft, so here’s mine for the top 14 picks

#1 Edmonton Oilers - It’s rumored that Florida wants to swap picks with Edmonton and take Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. Upon hearing that he potentially can spend his winters in either Edmonton or Miami, RNH immediately called Danny Heatley to get career advice. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

#2 Colorado Avalanche - After RNH there’s 4 prospects that could possibly taken here, and no consensus to the right decision, so The Avs have maybe the most difficult position in the draft other than the prospect who’s eventually taken by Winnipeg. Jonathan Huberdeau

#3 Florida Panthers - With the top prospects all coming from above the 45th parallel,  Florida will have to help whomever they draft deal with the special off-ice peculiarities of playing in a southern hockey market, like “Talking to girls wearing less than 3 layers of clothes” and “more than 4 hours of daylight”  Gabriel Landeskog

#4 New Jersey - Whoever’s drafted here will likely go to the AHL so they can take the necessary time learn the Devils trap system, and also take some finance courses so they can budget for living in New York City on only an NHL rookie’s salary next season. Adam Larsson

#5 New York Islanders - There are 5 consensus top picks this season, and one will get the opportunity to develop in an organization that, despite it’s recent setbacks, will likely be back in the playoffs soon, all while living within a stone’s throw of glorious New York City. The other will fall to #5 and have to play for the Isles, but NYC is still nice, so there’s that. Sean Couturier

#6 Ottawa Senators - It is every hockey players dream to be given the opportunity to compete for a championship. Being drafted by the Ottawa Senators will give this lucky draftee that opportunity one day, unless the Sens decide to call him up from Binghamton in his first season.  Dougie Hamilton

#7 Winnipeg (TBD) - Things get awkward when a reporter asks the draft pick if he ever idolized Teemu Selanne or Keith Tkachuk and the draft pick replies “Yeah the Ducks and Blues were teams I really enjoyed watching growing up” Mika Zibanejad

#8 Columbus Blue Jackets Philadelphia Flyers- Philadelphia is reportedly interested in taking Ryan Strome here, despite questions about his wiry frame. Philly thinks he’ll easily add muscle after carrying Ilya Bryzgolov’s suitcases full of gold doubloons all season. Ryan Strome

#9 Boston Bruins -  Despite winning the cup, the Bruins will select in the top ten two years in a row, selecting Tyler Seguin last season with the #2 overall pick. Seguin will be able to  provide a ton of advice on how to have one good game all season and still get your name on the Stanley Cup. Mark McNeil

#10 Minnesota Wild - Minnesota places a high value on 1st rounders that fall towards the end of the top ten, which is why they do everything they can to ensure they are drafting there every year. Sven Bartschi

#11 Colorado Avalanche- After already selecting in the top 5, the Avs may be looking to trade for something that’s more likely to help out next season: possibly a box of duct tape to hold their defensemen together next season. Rocco Grimaldi

#12 Carolina Hurricanes - This rookie will have the opportunity to play alongside Eric Staal, Cam Ward and Jeff Skinner.... and that’s about it since that’s all the players Carolina has under contract next season Duncan Siemens

#13 Calgary Flames - Being drafted by the Flames gives every top prospect the opportunity to develop into a potential breakout NHL player in the Flames system, then force their way to the franchise they really want to play for because the Flames prefer horrible veterans. Mark Scheifle

#14 Dallas Stars - The Stars are high on prospect Tomas Jurco mainly because the unpaid intern who makes up their scouting department until the new ownership gets here was a huge Marty Turco fan growing up and the names are kinda similar.  Tomas Jurco