Just a couple of additions to my list of things that have happened since the Avs beat anyone but the Blues. The streak is now (Monday 3/14) at 54 games, and will reach at least 56. The Avs could break the streak against the last team the Avs beat who weren't the Blues: The Vancouver Canucks on Wednesday:

A couple of these additions are things I forgot, and others are things that have happened since March 6th:

- My 1st son was born

- My 1st son celebrated 6 weeks on this planet

- Mardi Gras & Carnival celebrations around the world

- Ash Wednesday

- A massive Earthquake rocks Japan, unleashing a devestating Tsunami

- The Standoff between the Government and Government workers in Wisconson ends, with the Government pushing through a bill that strips most public workers of their collective bargaining rights.

-The NFL owners and NFLPA fail to reach an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement, The NFLPA decertifies which paves the way for players, led by Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, to sue the league for anti-trust violations.

To be continued....hopefully not for long