Review of Break Away ice hockey themed slots game

As ice hockey is unquestionably one of the sports with a really big following in both the U.S. and Canada, it really seems surprising that there have not been a greater number of themed casino slot games based on it. The development of Break Away by the very successful Microgaming could well see that change though, as this five reel example of the form is the first such game to be based on NHL ice hockey, and it certainly delivers for fans of the game, when it comes to thrills, spills and the cash payout.

The five-reel format is pretty standard for online casino slot machine games, and the use of visuals associated with the relevant sport on the reels – in place of the old fruit symbols – is also standard. Where Break Away graduates from standard to stand out, however, is in the quality and detail of the pictures of hockey players, referees, pucks and similar, that feature on the reels. These are super-realistic, and when you also factor in the audio effects that crop up during key moments, they make the game-play pretty immersive for anyone with an interest in NHL matches.

This will be the biggest reason for playing the game for hockey fans, but those who are keener on online casino games will regard it as one of the bonuses, rather than the main point. Dedicated slot machine spinners want a good game and a real chance at a cash or a coin payout, and Break Away meets those demands too. The smashing wilds, which literally destroy reel icons to reveal winning line-ups, are especially impressive – making winning a blast. Alongside stacked wilds, they are an interesting variant on the standard wild reel icon idea (the wild is the icon that can substitute for others, where required, to give you a winning line). Furthermore, when you throw the jackpot ($500) into the mix, as well as the miniscule $0.10 minimum coin deposit to play, you have a game that should please even the most demanding customer.