The History Of Best Australian Racehorses Of All Times

Australia has been home to the finest breed of horses and has succeeded in founding one of the greatest spectator sports in the country. The highly-acclaimed events like Melbourne Cup, Caulfield Cup, Golden Slipper, Cox Plate and various Group Races have emerged with the help of thoroughbred horses and have not only provided a favourite Australian pastime but also resulted in huge economic gains on a personal and national level.

In the history of Australian racehorses, there have been times when racehorses have shocked humans with their strength, will and winning streak. If this has caught your interest, then bet now on the thoroughbred horses you believe will come victorious in 2017. Let’s revisit history and remember the most extraordinary racehorses of Australia:

Phar Lap (4 October 1926 – 5 April 1932):

Most natives recognise Phar Lap as the most remarkable racehorse of all times. Phar Lap emerged on the race course during the Great Depression and quickly entranced the betters and spectators with his inhumane speed. Phar Lap won 37 races out of 51 and has been the recipient of one Melbourne cup, one AJC cup and 2 Cox Plates in addition to his various other victories. Lap also set a record time in the race in Mexico.

Black Caviar:

Black Caviar was not only a beautiful creature to look at but was also fast and swift. Black Caviar had been declared the Australian Horse of the year thrice due to her record-breaking races that stunned the spectators. This filly made 25-0-0 record in five years and from the very early age of six years old. Caviar has been retired now but her performance got her indicted in the Australian Racing Hall of Fame.

Makybe Diva (Foaled 1999):

The Melbourne Cup gathers only the best racehorses of the world and among these fines racehorses, Makybe Diva managed to stand out. She defeated her competitors not once but three times and became the only racehorse in the world to earn the Melbourne Cup three times. While this one was her most prominent victory, it wasn’t the only one. She managed to earn the most prestigious racing titles under her name and collected more than $14 million with her unbeatable victories.

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Ajax (Foaled 1934):

Ajax was a strong built thoroughbred horse who used to gallop from the start to the finish line in a flash. Ajax won 18 successive races before he was defeated. Ajax broke records three times and won a long list of titles and cups with his versatile style of winning.

Manikato (1975–1984):

Manikato was a speedy racehorse and took centre stage in the horseracing world with her mad dash style in the 70’s and 80’s. Manikato set records in three races and got inducted in the Australian Racing Hall of Fame. Her earning was nearly $1 million.

Andrew Hawkins:

Perhaps the greatest one of all, Andrew Hawkins came out victorious in many nerve wrecking races during his time.

It is only once in a while when such legendary racehorses emerge and win cups after cups with their unbeatable victories.