NHL teams react to Research and Development camp rules

As you may, or may not, know the NHL is hosting it's Research and Development camp, where they test out potential future rules changes. Ever looking for an advantage, NHL teams take notes and see how it could affect their teams. Luckily I've gotten a hold of some of the notes that NHL teams have taken, and I'm going to share them with you.

5 Minutes of 3 vs 3 OT

Washington Capitals scout- Imagine an Ovechkin-Semin-Green line. Or we could be radical and use two forwards and a defenseman

A Minnesota Wild scout- It'll be difficult, but I think we could still suck the life out of this.

A Philadelphia Flyers scout - Plays right into our hands, since we're kind of used to playing 3 vs 5 anyways

A New York Rangers Scout - Of course the NHL would actively try and find a way to make missing the playoffs on the last day of the season even more excruciating than losing in a shootout.

Calgary Flames scout - I'm just writing something so I look busy and don't get fired. It's not like Sutter pays attention to a damn thing any of us say anyways

24 inch blueline

Detroit Red Wings scouts - Our players may finally be able to see it

Ottawa Senators scouts - More defensive zone to protect? At least it won't change Jason Spezza's game

A Vancouver Canucks scout - Wait they're testing 24 inch blue lines? You don't say. I just thought Wellwood fell on it.

Bigger Crease

New Jersey Devils scout - Not one but two "Marty Brodeur" Rules (come on, you all knew that one was coming)

New York Islanders scout - Can we line it with bubble wrap for Ricky?

Pittsburgh Penguins scouts - Now they just need a trap door Fleury's off nights

Calgary Flames Scout - lksjbfksd jbflkasj bflksad jbf vkljs adbvk  lksjblak lasjbdkas alksjdbf

Hybrid Icing - (Ref calls no-touch icing unless offensive player is ahread of defense at the face-off circles)

San Jose Sharks scouts - a Hybrid, now we can act condescending and smug like our San Francisco brethren.

Buffalo Sabres scouts - We'll just call this the Craig Rivet mercy rule

Calgary Flames scouts - But we traded for Staios just for the entertainment of watching him panic as he realizes he may lose the icing race even though he's got a 30ft lead on a guy.

On a delayed penatly, teams must clear the zone, not just touch the puck

Colorado Avalanche scouts - We're boned

Edmonton Oilers scouts - Wait, we're allowed to clear the puck out of our own zone. This will completely change our tactics.

A Calgary Flames scout - The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow. Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs.