Natural Remedies for Insomnia

Insomnia is hugely horrific for people who experience it.

Just imagine staying awake the whole night and then during the day becoming irritable because of feeling tired. You can try some of these natural remedies for insomnia.

Meals to take before sleeping

Eating turkey, chicken, bananas preceding going to bed can make you feel relaxed. This is because they have tryptophan which is an amino acid utilized to produce serotonin. Serotonin is regarded as a brain chemical which aids in making you go to sleep.

Carbohydrates aid tryptophan to come into the brain. Consuming warm milk which has tryptophan with a cookie will make you feel calm also.

Try and limit huge meals when you are about to sleep. It takes around three to four hours for one to digest their food, particularly to digest a huge dinner.

Try not to consume spicy as well as sugary food when you are about to sleep. Spices have the potential to disturb your stomach, therefore your sleep. Sweet food has the potential to make you feel active and thus make it difficult to sleep.

Herbal Solutions

Valerian allows one to go to sleep quickly without making one feel sleepy the next day. Consuming two capsules that contain valerian root about an hour preceding departing to bed will make you feel relaxed.

Dried passionflower capsules can also help you with your insomnia. Consuming 4,000 to 8,000 milligrams will be enough. Passionflower is utilized as a sedative.


Lavender is utilized as an effective mild tranquilizer. You can put some of its oil on your forehead to make you feel calm and go to sleep. Jasmine essential oil has the potential to cure your insomnia. A relaxing aromatic bath preceding going to bed will surely allow you to sleep relaxingly. Mixing five drops lavender oil plus three drops precisely of ylang-ylang oil into warm water will make you feel sleepy.

Sleeping Patterns

Try to wake up as well as go to sleep at precisely the same time every day. Even on weekends stick to this schedule.

It is a good idea to enjoy a tranquilizing walk each morning. The natural light outdoors informs your body that it should wake up. This will also aid in making you sleep better when night approaches.

You should limit napping when it is daytime, even if you are exhausted. If you want to nap, make it short.

Relaxation Techniques

Progressive relaxation exercises have the potential to make you drowse off to sleep and are regarded as natural remedies for insomnia. You can count sheep. You just need to allow your mind to focus on tedious repetition. This will make you feel drowsy.

When you have tried this, but still cannot sleep, remove yourself from your bed and do not worry. Worrying only will enable it to become more difficult to sleep. You should go into another room, read a book or just meditate.

Bedroom Adjustments

Switch off any bright lights that mean switching off your TV as well as laptops a few hours preceding your bedtime. This is because the darkness will allow your body to feel sleepy. A cold bedroom can make you sleep peacefully.

Things to Avoid

Do not exercise around four hours before going to sleep. Exercise when it is morning. Some calming yoga postures can be done before sleeping as they help your body to relax. It is a bad idea to consume caffeine products around four hours before going to bed. Caffeine’s stimulating effects have the potential to stay for a long time inside your body.

Limit alcohol consumption when evening approaches. Smoking is not good at any time especially preceding your bedtime. This is because nicotine has the potential to stimulate your central nervous system, therefore disturbing your sleep.

The above natural remedies for insomnia can be very effective for some people. If they are not able to help you with your insomnia, you should consult your doctor.