The biggest reason for the Avs struggles

I know a lot of people are looking behind the bench for a change, and feel the losing is on him. But, for me, the biggest reason the Avs are losing is on one guy, but it’s not Sacco

It’s the guy we traded a 1st round pick for: Semyon Varlamov.

The guy has been abysmal, and again he just gave up another 6 goal night. Here’s some stats

He has a save% of .890 (32nd in the league)

He has one .900 sv% night in November, and 2 since October 15th. (He has 7 sub-.900 games)

His ES Save % since the Avs went 5-1 is: .902. (LAst season: Budaj:.914, Anderson:.910, Elliott: .911)

His Shorthanded Save% is .797 (!?!) for the season. For comparison Last season Budaj:.813, Anderson:.898

His November Save % is .835. Anderson’s worst month last season (when fans were ready to crucify him): .891

Want to know why the Avs are struggling: The Avs are getting far far worse goaltending than they did last season right now from Varlamov (Giguere has been pretty decent). We can blame coaching all we want, but if Varlamov isn’t better the Avs aren’t going to win many more games.

Because he has been atrocious.