Avs at the deadline

The trade deadline is an exciting time for any team and their fans, and I can only imagine agony for players and their families. There are less than 2 weeks until the NHL trade deadline. The Avs are on the playoff bubble, so what do they do?

Personally, I don’t think they are going to do a heck of a whole lot. David Driscoll——-Carrigan agrees. The Avs have holes, most noticeably at wing, but this season isn’t the Avs management’s main focus. Sure, if they can pick up someone that helps for relatively cheap they might go for it. But I wouldn’t expect any blockbusters like the Stewart/Shattenkirk-EJ/McClement trade last season. If they do anything major, it will be aimed at the future, not to help out this season.

The Avs big deal this season was for Varlamov. And while I have been a pretty heavy Varlamov critic, the guy is 23 and has loads of talent. Plenty of goalies don’t reach their potential until later in their career. The Avs also have boatloads of cap space this summer, and can pretty much address anything they need for the future in free agency. (And they will have to, because the Avs have no wing prospects). If toronto and Grabovski can’t reach a deal, I think he’s the best fit for the Avs in FA.

That said the Avs have a couple players that could be moved. Here’s the note-ables:

Kyle Quincey: The guys over at The Pensblog asked me whether the Avs would be interested in a defensive prospect for David Jones (more on that later). At first I was intrigued by their “offer” of one of two decent defense prospects. Then I realized what the Avs have in the cubberd: Barrie, Guance, & Elliott are all either NHL-ready or on the cusp. #11 draft pick Siemens and Joel Chouinard are a few years away. Erik Johnson is only 23. Throw in Jan Hejda (under contract for 3 more years, and quietly having a very solid season) and the Avs are really set on D. This makes Quincey pretty expendable. (If Quincey goes to another team, he can officially be dubbed “Journeyman”). He’s an RFA so he has pretty good value, and if he can bring back a wing prospect the Avs should consider trading him.

David Jones: Honestly, I didn’t think he had much value, but at least some fans are paying attention. Pensburgh.com e-mailed me about his availability today. But really, why wouldn’t people be interested in him. He’s one season removed from a 27 goal season. That’s almost 30. And teams are always looking for more scoring touch. (Irony, Avs are looking for scoring touch, and may get it through trading away Jones).  I don’t think the Avs are going to re-sign him over the offseason, and it’s probably some contender will take a small chance on him. If the Avs can get something back long term (there’s that term again) they should

Shane O’Brien: Well, uhh same thing as Quincey. But he’s a UFA and, IMO, the Avs are 50/50 to re-sign him, IMO.

Ryan Wilson: Like the kid, but he’s a goner after next season. Avs should get anything they can for him.