4 Ways to Avoid Annoying Snoring

Snoring is a common problem suffered by many people, sometimes it is believed that they are standard, but it can interrupt your sleep at night and affect your quality of life.

Snoring is caused by an obstruction of the free passage of air when your throat is narrowed, and the air that comes and goes from the airways is minimal so that vibrations are created in your throat, and these sounds are produced.

What can cause snoring?

The causes, in addition to those mentioned above, can also be a reduced quality of life such as overweight or consumption of alcohol or tobacco. This problem can be controlled with the help of a specialist and a few recommendations. Find the most common causes.

  • Problems in the respiratory tract. As a narrow throat, tonsils and enlarged, swollen and enlarged adenoids that obstruct the respiratory tract, also a thick palate, deformed or twisted septum and small nasal valves, among others.
  • Diseases like sinusitis It is the inflammation of the cavities that are around the eyes and behind the nose.
  • Other external problems like allergies, colds, alcohol consumption, obesity, overweight, tobacco consumption, bad posture, or when the tissues tend to swell gradually in the case of the last months of pregnancy.

The symptoms of snoring can affect the quality of soil and affect your health during waking times, this prevents your concentration in the morning and causing symptoms such as a headache, sore throat, bad breath, lack of attention, drowsiness, changes of humor and extreme tiredness.

How can you avoid snoring?

With procedures such as improving your sleep posture, until resorting to corrective surgeries, you will begin to notice the difference, and you will be able to sleep better at night. These are some tips that will help you to improve your quality of life:

  1. Improve your posture when sleeping. If you usually sleep on your back, add a couple of pillows and lean on the bed instead of lying on your back. This means that, with the extra pillows, your head will be elevated, allowing your mouth to open a little and the throat, So it is better to expand the air passing the nose reaches your lungs more efficiently and reduce snoring noises.

  2. Try to improve your lifestyle. The fact of snoring is closely linked to your daily habits. That’s why people with obesity and those who smoke tend to be more vulnerable to snoring.

Find out what your ideal weight should be and how to start leaving those habits that alter your health. It includes a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, so you will improve in many aspects of your life, including how to sleep. In this case, it is necessary to implement nasal hygiene habits, since, by correctly clearing your airways, the entrance of air through the nostrils will be much more appropriate.

  1. Avoid consuming heavy foods before going to sleep. When eating heavy feed at night, your metabolism processes them more slowly, causing that feeling of heaviness and fullness that makes you move constantly.

When you run unconsciously, your body adopts an uncomfortable position, favoring that your lungs, nose, and throat do not have enough space to do their work, and thus the snoring will begin again.

  1. Check with your doctor. If you have problems with chronic sinus infections, get a specialized product in nasal washing and hygiene, 100% natural and friendly to your skin to decongest your airway. Reducing the disease will help you cure your snoring.

In any case, it is essential first of all, go to your doctor so that he can perform a specialized study of the nose, mouth, palate, throat, and neck.