5 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

Each December in the list of purposes for the following year, there is one very common and is to achieve balance in the daily routine and thus start to lead a healthy lifestyle. But let’s be honest, fifteen days later, this purpose has been displaced, until a million excuses bury it together with the list.

The idea is to have the conviction that any month, day or instant you can propose to change habits, behaviors, or improve your physical and mental well-being, with the best of incentives: “Anyone like you and me.

I could do it if you think that with this will grow personally and take care for posterity. For this reason, I am has prepared a list of practical tips so that from today you can build your personalized healthy lifestyle.

Remember that ‘You are the reflection of what you eat.’

Have you heard this phrase before? If it does not sound to you, it is the moment that convinces you of its veracity, because it is an ideological principle cultivated by experts in nutritional health. The best thing is to start by restructuring your shopping list.

Every time you go to the supermarket, focus on selecting the fresh foods you will take first, then there will be time for the rest of the groceries. During your shopping, remember that fruits and vegetables should be the cornerstone of every meal you have in the day; other foods such as proteins, legumes, and whole grains, look at them as a complement to balance each dish. With this idea in mind, it will be easier to choose what to put in the cart each time.

It is highly recommended that you drink a lot, a lot of water, since it is also beneficial for your body, it will help you avoid the consumption of caloric beverages, because your body will feel hydrated and you will not feel the need to drink. If possible, avoid eating foods with a high level of carbohydrates and sodium, such as sweets, flours, and fried foods; not only because they contribute to weight gain, but because they make it difficult for you to continue your purpose of leading a healthy new lifestyle.

Now, remember something significant: get used to always eating at the same time each day, in addition to helping you avoid gastritis and contribute to the stabilization of metabolism, you become a rigorous and methodical person.

A cautious person is worth two … If it’s about hygiene, it’s worth four

Protection and hygiene are the most important pillars that we must take care of to keep us safe and sound. It should be clear that talking about protection ranges from simple civic acts, such as wearing a helmet when riding a bicycle, using a seatbelt, getting out in time of anticipation to do our diligence.

This is very useful when you have the certainty that you are doing things right, your mind and body relax, preventing you from being burdened with unnecessary stress and worry. Know if you suffer from anxiety or stress.

Before leaving your home, always remember that you must protect yourself from the sun and the cold. The dermatologists recommend using sunscreen daily, and this is a habit you should start implementing in your new lifestyle.

The primary factor that deteriorates our health is the exposure to climate change and pollution in the city; this is where good hygiene practices that you start to implement in your daily routine take on great importance. - “I bathe well every day” - you will think, but beyond this, it is crucial that you implement preventive cleaning routines such as steady hand and face washing, daily nose washing, and periodic ear cleaning.

Since in these parts of the body is concentrated the highest rate of entry of bacteria and viruses, even in the nose is 90% (more than the mouth). With these new practices, you will see how each time you get less virus and flu. If you suffer from allergies such as sinusitis, the change will be even more liberating.


It is the moment that you start to use the stairs, leaving behind the sedentary lifestyle and try to walk more; You can do it with your daily commutes such as going to work, to the supermarket, shopping, hiking your pet or your neighbor’s. In this way, you take advantage of and strengthen those bonds of friendship as well as avoid wasting time in traffic.

In the same way, it is also essential to exercise; Do at least 30 minutes of a sport that you like or a physical activity that increases your heart rate and strengthens your muscles and bones. It is normal that it costs you a little at first, but when you take about 15 days with this activity it will become a habit that will be part of your daily life, and you will not feel sacrifices. Courage, the most important thing is to start!

It also rests

Find your peace of mind, avoid even that annoying person who has the facility to change your right mood; Minimize those situations where you can be filled with stress and worry.

Certain things are beyond our control. With this, you will avoid frustrations, depressions, anger, and stress that will lead you to feel more tired or tired.

Try to find quiet moments, take a tea, listen to your favorite song, separate at least a few minutes in which you can put your thoughts in order and prioritize your work.

At the time of sleep away your cell phone and turn off the television, it is better than you listen to some soft melody about 10 minutes before, this way you will move away from those thoughts that end up breaking your dream, and you will achieve a more pleasant dream.

To think well is to be well

Sometimes we do not give the value that the power of thoughts deserves, as in the first advice “you are the reflection of what you eat” so we are also the reflection of what we think, a positive, aspirational and organized person brings out a benefit of your productivity in the day.

It is good that you take time to be with your loved ones, travel, eat something that you like a lot, life is made of those little things. So surround yourself with positive people who bring you good things, surely this will bring tranquility to your life; and if your mind, your thoughts are beautiful… you too will be beautiful.

As you can see, many of these tips for a healthy life are not difficult to get going; just enough to make the decision, a little discipline and the most effective fuel for every challenge in life: believe in yourself.

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