Basic Care and Maintenance of Your Hockey Helmet

The useful life of a good hockey helmet is maximum ten years, of course depending on the use and wear some helmets will have to be discarded before that time. I am giving you some tips to take care of your hockey helmet, and keep it in good condition:

  • Check it frequently to verify that it has no breaks or cracks in its exterior and that the adjustment is appropriate. In case the helmet has a fissure, the internal protection has been altered, or a part is missing, please do not use it anymore, because you would seriously risk your safety.

  • Do not let anyone lean on or sit on your hockey helmet, as this could damage it or make it useless.

  • Try to take the helmet out of your suitcase once you get home and let it air out for a long time. This way you will avoid the bad smell caused by the proliferation of bacteria. Store your hockey helmet in a cool, dry place, temperate and away from the sun’s rays. Do not leave your helmet in the car for a long time, as the heat can damage it.

  • Before decorating your helmet with paint or stickers (gobs) consult the manufacturer’s instructions on the helmet (they can be on the helmet’s instruction label or the manufacturer’s website), as altering it in that way could harm your quality and the protection it gives you.

Cleaning your hockey helmet

Clean the helmet often inside and out with warm water and mild soap; it is best to use shampoo for babies dissolved in water (do not use reliable cleaners or detergent). Use a sponge and clean the outside and inside of the helmet, and then remove the shampoo with the sponge moistened with water, without soaking the helmet.

Then dry the helmet with a towel and let it air until it dries. Do not apply heat (a hair dryer could damage your hockey helmet) and do not make it dry in the sun’s rays. While cleaning your helmet, check that there are no cracks or loose screws that need to be adjusted.