Tips to Lose Weight

It is essential to know your base metabolic rate also known as your BMR; which is the number of calories we can burn in an hour just be breathing! Our body functions cause large-scale calorie burn; even if we believe we aren’t doing anything to aid this calorie burn, we are. It is important to calculate personally; or use an online source, the number of calories you need to consume on a daily basis to maintain this weight.

Usually, weight loss tools online will be able to tell you the number of calories you burn just from being alive and following your daily routines. You can find out of useful information by putting in your weight, height, age and a few other factors. From here, you can understand what daily calorie intake will keep you at your current weight, or what you need to do to lose weight.

Of course, if we are looking to lose weight, we will want to decrease the number of daily calories. Again, remember there is no need for extremities. If it takes about 2000 calories daily to maintain your current weight, then you would want to work towards eating about 1600 calories a day to start. Maybe 1800 if you’re going to ease into it more gradually.

Tips and Tricks

A few tips to stick to start with your beverages. The novelty drinks we consume daily can add up to calorie counts. Take Starbucks for instance, where you usually order a tall mocha latte with extra whip. Now, do we need the extra strap? No, that alone can kill a good 100-150 calories. Do we need the extra mocha syrup that is pretty much sugar?

No, and again, this will cut calories! Try to stick to coffee (if you’re a diehard caffeine drinker) but without the added empty calories. Add skim milk and Stevia to sweeten it. These small changes don’t have to turn your day upside down but can help to cut back those unnecessary calories and get your weight loss journey moving!

Avoid inflammatory foods like spicy peppers or foods made with hot sauce. Hot sauce can speed up your metabolism which is good, but you don’t want to go overboard. They also have a lot of sodium so be careful. Not to mention they can also give you heartburn like crazy! Adding a little to each dish is said to speed the metabolism, which can help burn additional calories and such. Try to avoid salt otherwise if possible.

It is said that eating five small, balanced meals a day can help you with your weight management. Try adding some fruits and vegetables into your day. Maybe just an apple or orange on your lunch break. Try making a fruit salad or fruit smoothie. Just be careful not to add additional things such as milk and sugar. Also, drinking eight, eight-ounce glasses of water a day can help get your metabolism moving, and it will also give you energy throughout the whole day.

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